Accordion Lessons

If you are looking to start learning the accordion or need to improve your skills, we can help you find the right instructor in your town or a virtual tutor. Also, be sure to explore our books on accordion section for a variety of self-teaching textbooks. If you need more help, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

  • Love songs for the accordion

    Best Accordion Love Songs for Valentine’s Day

    For almost a century, accordionists have produced some of the most romantic and beautiful love tunes ever heard. No wonder accordion melodies have stood the test of time when expressing love or other powerful emotions. So pull out your accordion and prepare for an unforgettable Valentine’s night with the most amazing romantic tunes for the…

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  • Playing the accordion by ear.

    Learning to Play the Accordion by Ear

    It’s no secret that some of the biggest music icons learned to play music by ear. The accordion, as a folk instrument, is not an exception! Developing one’s musical auditory skills and playing melodies on an accordion can seem daunting; however, there are topics explicitly meant for beginners so they, too, can achieve their dreams…

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  • Metronomes for the accordionists and accordion practice

    Is Metronome helpful in accordion practice?

    Metronomes have become a valuable tool for novice musicians Despite the clear benefits that they offer, not all are convinced of their importance with some accordionists considering them unnecessary; let’s explore both sides of this debate in order to better understand whether or not these handy tools should form part of your practice routine!

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  • Circle of Fifths

    Mastering the Accordion: Unlock the Secrets of the Circle of Fifths

    Playing an instrument isn’t just a hobby – it’s life-changing! With the right resources and guidance, you’re one step closer to mastering that accordion. And here’s where the circle of fifths comes in: this handy tool helps beginner musicians make music theory simpler, allowing them to focus on their playing skills instead.

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  • learn the accordion

    Starting with the Accordion: An Introductory Guide for New Players

    Accordions are becoming more and more popular. Choosing to learn the accordion could be one of the best choices you’ve made. It can teach you or your child valuable lessons about music and this underrated instrument. Learning how to play it is not that hard and it could even be a life-changing experience for you.…

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