• Folk dances for the accordion

    Folk dances for the Accordion

    We’ve all seen various ballroom dances performed at weddings, birthdays and other festivities. Most of them are ethnic folk dances that are often played on an accordion. Dances like Kolo, Waltz, Polka, Zydeco and others are growing in popularity. Familiarizing ourselves with them can help us appreciate and enjoy them more.

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  • Basque country accordion

    Trikitixa, The Diatonic Button Accordion of Basque Country

    Rich cultural heritage, dances, hospitality and its unique geographical location make Basque country a very popular touristy spot. Those who visit Basque region are always impressed by its folk music and small but mighty accordions, Trikitixas, that are becoming increasingly popular. Let’s learn more abut them in this article.

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