Beginners Guides

If you are new to the world of accordions and free-reed musical instruments, the contents of this page will help you get acquainted with them. If there is anything accordion related that you don’t see on our site and need help finding, please send us a message and we will respond.

  • Patriotism and accordion music

    The Harmonies of Homeland: Patriotic Accordion Songs

    The accordion holds a place in the hearts of many symbolizing pride and heritage. Its unique ability to stir emotions and perform melodies is recognized worldwide. This piece delves into the past and present importance of the accordion in music shedding light on its involvement in patriotic melodies and socio political causes. By delving into…

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  • Accordion Brands

    A Comprehensive Ranking guide of the Best Accordion brands

    If you are planning to become either a hobbyist or professional accordion player, it is of great importance that you get acquainted with the various brand names of accordions. This will help new musicians and accordionists know what brands to take that are leading in the industry, their history, and what they would expect out…

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  • African accordion music

    World of African Accordion Music

    The African continent has a vibrant music history. Percussion instruments might be the signature instruments of the continent, but free-reed musical instruments found their purpose and deeply rooted presence in Africa, from beautiful melodies played on Arabic-tuned accordions of North Africa to timeless guitar and accordion duets of Cameron and Angola.

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  • Postural health for accordionists

    Optimal Postural Health and Safety Tips for Accordion Players

    To derive the fullest potential of your accordion-playing capabilities, it is vital to have a proper posture while handling this musical instrument. As an accordionist, you should learn how to lift and carry the device properly – as well as unmounting it without any harm done – so that its magical sound can be produced…

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  • Gypsy accordion music

    Beautiful sounds of Gypsy Accordion Music

    Accordionists worldwide find solace in gypsy music, a captivating sound that has left its mark on virtually every folklore genre. Perfecting this unique style requires dedication and skill, but it is undeniably worth striving for! From ancient history to contemporary rhythm – learn all about traditional Roma tunes now and how they continue to mesmerize…

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  • Benefits of toy accordions for children

    Exploring the Benefits of Toy Accordions for Children

    Toy accordions can give children a unique way to sharpen their musical sensibilities and skills. Through playing with them, kids are able to nurture the ability to recognize melodies instinctively and improvise as they go along – great for inspiring creativity!

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  • Christmas carols

    Best Accordion Christmas Carols and Melodies to learn this season

    Christmas carols are songs we associate with the most wonderful holiday season we look forward to with joy. Without them, Christmas simply wouldn’t be Christmas. How did they come about and can they be played on an accordion? Let’s find out in this article.

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  • Folk dances for the accordion

    Folk dances for the Accordion

    We’ve all seen various ballroom dances performed at weddings, birthdays and other festivities. Most of them are ethnic folk dances that are often played on an accordion. Dances like Kolo, Waltz, Polka, Zydeco and others are growing in popularity. Familiarizing ourselves with them can help us appreciate and enjoy them more.

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  • female accordionists and musicians

    Female Accordionists of the World and Their Legacy

    Often associated with male musicians, accordions are definitely unisex instruments that are also associated with femininity and gentleness. Some of the world’s greatest accordionists are women and in this article we will name just a few.

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  • Accordions in America

    Accordions and accordion music in the United States

    Accordions arrived to the Americas in the early 18th century. As a musical instrument, the accordion became not only a folk souvenir brought by the settlers to the new world but also an All-American symbol of multiculturalism and musical melting pot. Why did piano accordions become so popular? What is an accordion industrial complex? Let’s…

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