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Accordion straps, their purpose, and design

Accordion straps are used to not only hold the musical instrument on your shoulders but are also designed to distribute the weight of the accordion and balance the instrument properly.

Whether you have purchased a new or a used accordion, it came with its original straps, unless the previous owner had them replaced. However, straps sometimes need to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced.

Original straps are designed to match the weight of your musical instrument but sometimes due to factors such as comfort, size, material, and design, accordionists seek to replace them with aftermarket brands or even custom-made accordion straps.

When looking to buy a new set of straps for your accordion you should consider brands that emphasize comfort, durability, ease of use, and installation.

Accordion straps should be able not only to hold the weight of the instrument but also to withstand the movements, vibrations, and forces exerted during the playing of the instrument whether it is performance or practice.

These popular straps are great for any type of accordion. Piano or button, electric or acoustic. Retro looking and skid resistant, neoprene fabric is nicely padded for maximum comfort. Genuine leather ends provide long lasting durability of the straps. 2.5″ wide neoprene shoulder pad for equal weight distribution and comfort.

Selecting the best straps for my accordion

Accordions come in a variety of sizes and are usually classified by the number of bass buttons. Not all accordions are lightweight (especially not the older, classic handmade ones) and they often require quite a lot of energy and strength from accordionists who carry them during a performance. The weight of the accordion due to the forces of gravity pulls the instrument and the accordionist downwards.

These forces are usually the strongest in the neck and shoulder region and an adequate set of straps is crucial for optimal performance. Selecting straps that are most suitable for the height, build, and size of the accordion should help distribute the weight of the instrument evenly.

The right choice of an accordion strap is essential to ensure a safe, comfortable, and successful playing experience! Strap durability must be considered when selecting the perfect option: it should not only hold up under the weight of your instrument but also stand its ground against vigorous performances. For optimum comfort in use, look for straps that won’t pinch or strain the upper back/shoulders.

How to properly set your accordion straps

Shoulder straps for an accordion should neither be too close nor too far apart. This issue should be carefully addressed with young and novice accordionists by helping them select the best-fitting straps. Shoulder strap pressure can be alleviated by adding a horizontal or a cross strap that connects the two shoulder straps thus easing the pressure.

Accordion straps image by Alexey N.

Cross Strap

To make a strong statement with their playing, accordionists need the power of a backstrap and shoulder straps. These heavy-duty attachments secure the instrument in place to form an unshakeable foundation that allows them to play confidently even during demanding performances – ensuring they hit every note perfectly

Top Pick

Neotech Accordion Harness-Padded shoulder straps

  • Fits most accordions.
  • Neoprene straps that offer an internal control-stretch system for added comfort and support.
  • Attach with two 3/4″ (1. 9cm) webbing at the top and two Neo-Loops at the bottom.
  • Strap measure 31″ – 55″ (78. 7cm – 139. 7cm)

Beginner’s guide on setting the accordion straps

The videos below will give you useful guidance on how to set your accordion straps and properly adjust them so they comfortably fit on your shoulders.

How To Install Accordion Straps

Video courtesy of Moshe Zuchter

Adjusting your straps for proper positioning of the accordion

Accordion is a very intimate instrument and when you play it, it really becomes a part of you. You feel its weight, bellows, vibrations, tones, and keys. Whether you are tall, short, or a person of average stature, picking the right accordion size and holding it properly on your body is very important not only for your musical performance but also for your health.

ACC4 BLK Accordion Leather Straps

Genuine HOHNER Product

  • High-quality leather
  • Foam padding
  • Buckle adjustments
  • Professional stitching on each and every pair

The Keyboard side, which is also known as the treble side of the accordion should be aligned with the middle of your torso. To accomplish this, when you sit on a chair with your accordion strapped on you, you should look ahead of yourself and then look down.

Your chin should be aligned with the middle of the black keys. If you don’t see the black keys comfortably when you look down, then the accordion is placed far right on your right thigh. You can loosen the right strap, so it Is a bit longer than the left strap, and that way you will be able to situate the instrument properly on your thighs.

Video courtesy of Moshe Zuchter

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