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accordion music of ukraine

The popularity of accordions in Ukraine

Ukraine boasts a heritage that beautifully reflects its history and traditions. One captivating facet of this heritage is the countrys music scene. Ukrainian folk music stands out with its enchanting melodies, intricate rhythms and the skillful use of instruments.

The music of Ukraine showcases diversity artfully capturing the distinctions and cultural richness of the land. Each region has its set of instruments, melodies and rhythms contributing to a musical tapestry.

For instance in Ukraine stringed instruments take stage while eastern Ukraine embraces powerful vocals accompanied by percussion driven beats. Despite these variations Ukrainian music remains united, through its beauty and heartfelt passion.

Amongst the musical instruments, in Ukraine are the Bandura and Dulcimer (known as цимбали). However accordions (harmonika) and percussion instruments also play roles in traditional melodies.

Ukrainian Accordion Quartet

In this blog post we’ll delve into the heritage of Ukraine with a special focus, on its beloved instruments, such as the accordion. While Ukraine’s music has been gaining recognition thanks to its struggle, for independence its profound beauty truly warrants acclaim.

Ukrainian Folklore Music on Accordion

Accordions, also known as harmonikas have played a role, in the musical heritage of Ukraine for many years. The unique techniques used with accordions, such as tremolo and legato contribute to the style of music.

From traditional folk songs to modern pop tunes accordions have seamlessly integrated themselves into contemporary Ukrainian music. They bring a texture that’s both lively and nostalgic. Don’t pass up the opportunity to experience this captivating blend of melancholic melodies.

Refurbished Ukrainian Bayan by Kremennoe

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Come together with accordion enthusiasts led by the visionary Volodymyr Runchak as they celebrate “A Day of Ukrainian Accordion ” an all Ukrainian music festival. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty and rich cultural heritage of this instrument.

The vibrant folklore scene of Ukraine is experiencing a revival of accordion music and patriotic melodies captivating audiences and breathing life into tunes.

Authentic Ukrainian Bayan 3 Row52 Button Accordion by Poltava

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Ukrainian Bayan accordion

Ukrainian Museum of Accordions

In our blog posts we’ve talked about museums dedicated to accordions. However it would be incomplete to discuss accordions, in Ukraine without mentioning the museum located in the town of Zhashkiv.

This exceptional museum was established by Ivan Sukhy, a musician and avid lover of accordions. Apart, from devoting his time to teaching students how to play this instrument he has also personally handcrafted several fully operational accordions.

Video courtesy of Ukrainer

Ukrainian Folk Musical Instruments


The Bandura is an musical instrument that has a rich history tracing back, to the 17th century. It belongs to the family. Typically features 55 strings arranged in five sets.

When played the musician plucks the strings either with their fingers or by using a plectrum.

Ensembles of Bandura players, known as Bandurysty frequently showcase their talent not in Ukraine but also on international stages captivating audiences with their unique and mesmerizing sound. The Bandura holds significance, in both Ukrainian folk music and classical compositions.

Traditional Folk Ukrainian Bandura Chromatic String Musical Instrument.


Total number of strings: 56 Type: Chromatic

Quality handmade instrument.

Comes with original soft case.

Traditional Ukrainian instrument Bandura

Ukrainian Dulcimer

The dulcimer is quite a instrument, in Ukraine and it goes by the name “цимбали” in Ukrainian. It shares similarities with the dulcimer featuring a soundboard thats either trapezoidal or rectangular with strings that are struck using hammers.

Dulcimers come in a variety of sizes and shapes each producing its sounds and tones. Amongst these variations the Ukrainian cimbalom stands out as the type of dulcimer in Ukraine. Its considered a concert instrument that holds a place, within the Ukrainian National Orchestra.

Video courtesy of Ukie Accordions


Ukrainian folk music incorporates a range of percussion instruments such, as tambourines, cymbals and drums. These instruments contribute textures and rhythms to the music resulting in an lively ambiance.

The incorporation of percussion instruments in music has a history dating back to ancient times when they were utilized to accompany traditional dances. Today these instruments continue to play a role in Ukrainian music infusing performances, with an exuberant atmosphere.

Ukrainian Drummer Girls

Delve into the origins of steel tongue flutes, extraordinary musical instruments that have stood the test of time for thousands of years. The soothing vibrations emitted by these instruments have been harnessed for meditative practices.

Interestingly they have even gained popularity, in Ukraine. These instruments offer a chance for aspiring musicians to enhance their skills and engage in musical endeavors, with others.

Video courtesy of Kateryna Sushko

A few final words

Ukraine possesses a heritage and a captivating history that extends far beyond the realm of politics. Within its borders there exists an array of enchanting melodies awaiting discovery, for those who possess an appreciation, for the accordion.

Music, being an art form transcends the constraints of time and place forging connections that mere words fail to convey. During moments when lifes burdens become overwhelming we wholeheartedly recommend immersing ourselves in the world of music as a source of solace and pleasure.

Exploring styles and genres can offer us profound experiences irrespective of our personal inclinations. Seize the opportunity to delve into the context and unearth the music that resonates from this region.

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