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accordion music of ukraine

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The popularity of accordions in Ukraine

Ukraine has a rich cultural heritage that reflects the country’s history and traditions. One of the most prominent aspects of this heritage is the country’s music. Ukrainian folk music is characterized by its unique melodies, intricate rhythms, and the use of various musical instruments.

Ukraine’s music is incredibly diverse, reflecting the country’s regional differences and cultural traditions. Each region has unique instruments, melodies, and rhythms that create a distinct musical identity.

For example, music from western Ukraine often includes stringed instruments, while music from eastern Ukraine features powerful vocals and percussion-heavy rhythms. Regardless of the regional differences, Ukraine’s music is united by its beauty and passion.

Two of the most popular instruments in Ukraine are Bandura and Dulcimer, also known as цимбали. However, accordions (harmonika) and various percussion instruments are equally present in folk melodies.

Ukrainian Accordion Quartet

In this blog post, we will explore the beauty of Ukraine’s musical heritage, focusing on its most popular instruments, including the accordion. Although Ukraine’s music is gaining international attention due to the country’s fight for independence, its beauty deserves worldwide recognition.

Ukrainian Folklore Music on Accordion

For decades, Accordions (harmonikas) have been a vital component of this rich musical tradition. Distinct accordion techniques, like tremolo and legato, that give Ukrainian music its unique style.

From modern folk to pop, accordions have seamlessly woven themselves into contemporary Ukrainian music, adding an unmistakable texture that is both vibrant and nostalgic. Don’t miss out on this captivating fusion of lively and melancholic melodies.

Refurbished Ukrainian Bayan

Treble: 3 rows 55 buttons

Bass: 5 rows, 100 buttons

Treble reed plates: 3

Bass reed plates: 3

Weight: 7.36 kg / 16.22 pounds

The resurgence of accordion music and patriotic melodies in the vibrant folklore scene of Ukraine offers the captivating rhythms and melodies that are mesmerizing audiences and revitalizing traditions.

Join forces with passionate accordion enthusiasts, including the visionary Volodymyr Runchak, as they celebrate the all-Ukrainian music festival, “A Day of Ukrainian Accordion.” Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and undeniable allure of this beloved instrument.

Authentic Ukrainian Bayan 3 Row Button Accordion by Kremine.

  • 100 Bass New Straps
  • Comes with a case

Ukrainian Museum of Accordions

In our previous blog articles, we discussed various accordion museums, but it is impossible to discuss accordions in Ukraine without acknowledging the extraordinary museum in the town of Zhashkiv.

This unique museum was founded by Ivan Sukhy, a celebrated musician and passionate accordion enthusiast. Not only has he dedicated his time to teaching young students how to play this marvelous instrument, but he has also crafted several fully functional accordions by hand.

Video courtesy of Ukrainer

Ukrainian Folk Musical Instruments


Bandura is a unique Ukrainian instrument that dates back to the 17th century. It is a type of lute that usually has 55 strings arranged in five sets. The instrument is played by plucking the strings with the fingers or a plectrum.

Bands of Bandura players, known as Bandurysty, often perform in Ukraine and internationally, captivating audiences with their distinct sound. The Bandura is considered an essential component of Ukrainian classical and folk music.

Traditional Folk Ukrainian Bandura Chromatic String Musical Instrument.


Total number of strings: 56 Type: Chromatic

Quality handmade instrument.

Comes with original soft case.

Ukrainian Dulcimer

Dulcimer is another popular instrument in Ukraine, also known as цимбали in the Ukrainian language. It is an instrument similar to a hammered dulcimer, consisting of a trapezoidal or rectangular soundboard with strings that are struck with hammers.

Dulcimers come in various sizes and shapes, and each one produces unique sounds and tones. The most popular type of Dulcimer in Ukraine is the Ukrainian cimbalom, a concert instrument that is part of the Ukrainian National Orchestra.

Video courtesy of Ukie Accordions


Various percussion instruments are used in Ukrainian folk music, including tambourines, cymbals, and drums. These instruments add different textures and rhythms to the music, making it lively and upbeat.

The use of percussion instruments in Ukrainian music dates back to ancient times when they were used to accompany traditional dances. Today, percussion instruments are still an essential part of Ukrainian music, creating a lively atmosphere in any performance.

Ukrainian Drummer Girls

Steel tongue drums are an ancient instrument that dates back to Aztec civilization. Used for meditation, and vibrational healing music, these percussion instruments are also very popular in Ukraine. Great for beginners who want to develop their musical ear or accompany an accordionist.

A few final thoughts

Ukraine’s diverse and rich musical heritage deserves to be remembered and enjoyed by more than just those with an interest in political unrest. Accordion enthusiasts, in particular, can find a world of beauty in the breathtaking melodies crafted within this nation’s boundaries.

Music is an art form that transcends time and place, connecting us to emotions that can’t fully expressed by words alone. So when you’re ready to take a break from the stressors of day-to-day life, we urge you to start listening to Ukrainian music for some much-needed solace or entertainment.

With an abundance of styles and genres, spending time with these heartfelt tunes can be a refreshing experience no matter what your musical preferences may be – so dive into history with open ears and discover what music from this beautiful corner of the world has to offer

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