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What constitutes The Piano accordion?

You’ve probably guessed it right. Piano accordions are equipped with a right-hand keyboard, resembling the ones on a piano. This gives it its name. This type of accordion is prevalent in the US and UK.  Music historians believe that accordionist Guido Deiro pioneered and popularized the Piano accordion in 1910. While some argue that claim, the Deiro brothers most definitely did introduce the Piano accordion to the American music scene. Piano accordions are classified based on their number of keys (right-hand piano keys) and bass notes (bass buttons). These two numbers determine the size of the instrument and often its price as well.

Common classification of Piano accordions

25 key accordion

45 key accordion

48 bass notes (buttons) accordion

120 bass notes (buttons) accordion

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Were Piano accordions invented in Italy?

We can most certainly say that the piano accordion was perfected in Italy. During the unification of Italian states into the Italian republic we know today, accordions were introduced to the Castelfidardo region (most likely by the French troops) and this was the beginning of Italian accordion music and industry.

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