• Top Ten accordion players in the world

    The Ten Best Accordion Players In History

    Explore the talents of the renowned accordion players of our time with this list of the top 10 modern accordionists. Delve into their legacies and achievements, which will captivate both accordion enthusiasts and music fans. Uncover these virtuosos to deepen your admiration for this instrument.

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  • Gypsy accordion music

    Beautiful sounds of Gypsy Accordion Music

    Accordionists worldwide find solace in gypsy music, a captivating sound that has left its mark on virtually every folklore genre. Perfecting this unique style requires dedication and skill, but it is undeniably worth striving for! From ancient history to contemporary rhythm – learn all about traditional Roma tunes now and how they continue to mesmerize…

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  • accordions and Hollywood celebrities

    Music Stars, Hollywood, and Accordions

    We know their names, their songs and their images. But, a very few of us know that some of the most famous singers and musicians actually learned their first songs and music notes on an accordion. Let’s mention a few honorable legends of Rock music and Hollywood who are accordionists or have played the instrument…

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  • Beginners accordions

    A Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing the Best Accordion

    So, you want to be an accordionist? Great choice! There are many articles and guides on best accordions for beginners out there. We try to go an extra mile in researching the latest trends and provide you with the best advices on what accordion to select if you are just starting to learn how to…

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  • Balkan accordions

    Accordion Music of the Balkans

    The soothing tones of the accordion are unmistakably synonymous with Balkan music. Every republic that makes up the Balkan Peninsula has its unique style and origin story when it comes to playing folk tunes on an Accordion – making for a fascinating tapestry of regional sounds & rhythms. Read along as we explore some critical…

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