• Patriotism and accordion music

    The Harmonies of Homeland: Patriotic Accordion Songs

    The accordion holds a place in the hearts of many symbolizing pride and heritage. Its unique ability to stir emotions and perform melodies is recognized worldwide. This piece delves into the past and present importance of the accordion in music shedding light on its involvement in patriotic melodies and socio political causes. By delving into…

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  • Gypsy accordion music

    Beautiful sounds of Gypsy Accordion Music

    Accordionists worldwide find solace in gypsy music, a captivating sound that has left its mark on virtually every folklore genre. Perfecting this unique style requires dedication and skill, but it is undeniably worth striving for! From ancient history to contemporary rhythm – learn all about traditional Roma tunes now and how they continue to mesmerize…

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  • Playing the accordion by ear.

    Learning to Play the Accordion by Ear

    It’s no secret that some of the biggest music icons learned to play music by ear. The accordion, as a folk instrument, is not an exception! Developing one’s musical auditory skills and playing melodies on an accordion can seem daunting; however, there are topics explicitly meant for beginners so they, too, can achieve their dreams…

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  • Yiddish Klemzer Music

    The Accordion: A Traditional Musical Instrument in Klezmer music

    We all have heard of Yiddish language and Ashkenazi culture of Eastern Europe. A few of us might have heard beautiful Jewish tunes here in the US during Bar Mitzvahs and in Jewish Deli restaurants. These tunes have their roots in ancient Ashkenazi folklore traditions and they are played on accordions!

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  • female accordionists and musicians

    Female Accordionists of the World and Their Legacy

    Often associated with male musicians, accordions are definitely unisex instruments that are also associated with femininity and gentleness. Some of the world’s greatest accordionists are women and in this article we will name just a few.

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  • Accordions in America

    Accordions and accordion music in the United States

    Accordions arrived to the Americas in the early 18th century. As a musical instrument, the accordion became not only a folk souvenir brought by the settlers to the new world but also an All-American symbol of multiculturalism and musical melting pot. Why did piano accordions become so popular? What is an accordion industrial complex? Let’s…

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  • Arabic accordion music

    Unique sound of Arabic accordion music and Maqam

    Accordions are as popular in Arab countries as they are in Europe or any other country. Tuned to a quarter tone, Arabic accordions produce a distinct sound. Accompanied by folk string instruments, orchestras and bands from the Middle East can really captivate your hearing senses.

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  • accordion straps

    Best shoulder straps for my Accordion?

    Accordion straps or belts are an integral part of this musical instrument. They are not only important for holding the instrument by accordionists but also for offering them ultimate comfort while playing their favourite accordions. There are numerous brands of accordion straps on the market, let’s put a few to the test and see how…

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  • Classical music on an accordion

    The Increasing Popularity of Accordions in Classical Music

    Contrary to popular belief, accordions are not musical instruments made for folk music only. More and more accordionists and composers of classical music are embracing this instrument and reviving its role in classical music genre.

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  • Button accordions

    Piano vs Button Accordion, which one is best for me?

    While Piano accordions are predominantly played in the US, UK and some EU countries, button accordions are prevalent in the rest of the world. Popularity of Chromatic Button Accordions is on the rise in the US. Most of us start our first music lessons with a piano accordion. Which one is easier to play? What…

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