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Imagine if there was a talent competition like “America’s got talent” but for accordionists only?! Wouldn’t that be cool? Accordionists of all ages and nationalities, from all musical genres, could show their talents and revive the accordion spirit.

Well, there is such a competition that was spearheaded by Sergei Teleshev in Russia. For now, those who are interested, can qualify, and participate by submitting their videos online and through virtual auditions, but we hope that soon this competition will reach global popularity and tour countries and continents. For more information, you can also visit the Accordion Star International Facebook page.

Accordion Star International Festival

Video courtesy of Sergei Teleshev

American Accordion Music Festivals

The United States, just like Europe and other countries, has its accordion music festivals and competitions. American accordionists’ Association (AAA) is very much active, and it hosts a variety of events for accordionists of all ages. You can easily become a member of the association and take advantage of all the events and programs it has to offer

. The popularity of accordion music is on the rise in North America and attending one of these popular events can certainly have a positive impact on young musicians as well as anyone who is trying to discover the allure of an accordion tune for the first time. It is definitely worth pointing out that various ethnic-accordion music festivals are happening across the US every year.

We’ve got Italo-accordion competitions on the East and the West coast as well as events like The International Accordion Festivals in San Antonio, TX. North America has a rich accordion music heritage comprised of Tejano, German, Polish, and Italian accordion melodies and dances.

Video courtesy of AAA

Festivals of Accordion music across Europe

Accordion competitions and various contests across Europe are quite frequent. From Ireland to Serbia and Russia to Paris, some sort of accordionists’ festival is taking place almost monthly. Here on Best Accordion blog, we will provide you with some links to the most popular accordion festivals.

If you are looking for competitions within European Union and Russia, please visit this link. Also, if you visit the popular website, you will find more information on accordion festivals across the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and the Eurasian region.

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