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From ancient Sanskrit chants to Sufi chants, almost all cultures and traditions have utilized some sort of chanting as a part of their sacred rituals. The practice of chanting known as “Kirtan” in Sanskrit is becoming increasingly popular in the west.

Even though the ancient practice of chanting in Sanskrit is much older than the harmonium, these free-reed instruments became synonymous with the ancient chants and Kirtan Yoga. It is not a coincidence that the musical instrument we called the Harmonium can put us in harmony and synch with our senses and chakras.

As you can tell, our blog is not dedicated only to accordions but to all free reed-based instruments that sound and look alike.  

Where can I buy a Kirtan Yoga Harmonium?

There are numerous online stores that sell popular Kirtan Yoga harmoniums. We’ve singled out the three best sellers below in order to help you make your choice. Each harmonium is accompanied by a detailed video description. Below our three picks are a few more quality Kirtan Harmoniums selected for your consideration.

Bina Kirtan Harmonium

23b Deluxe 3.25 octave

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Durable build
  • Comes with a gig bag and ships from the US

We signed out Bina Kirtan Harmonium because of its quality of craftsmanship, compatibility, and lightweight construction. The sound of it is very smooth and its 440 tunning makes it very versatile. These harmoniums are widely used across Europe and the US which makes them easily accessible, tunable, and serviceable.

OM Mini Magic

Harmonium by Kayana

  • 2 Stop 2 Main and 2 Drone
  • 2 3/4 Octave
  • Bass Male – 440Hz
  • Gorgeous Orange color and a gig bag
  • Sturdy, lightweight, and made durable
Top Pick

Bhava “Lite” Travel

Kirtan Harmonium

  • Fine tunned in the US
  • The durable wood and hand-made chrome finish
  • Built to last
  • Compact and portable, suitable for travel
  • US-based product support
Video courtesy of Old Delhi Music Co.

Based on our research and testimonials of several Kirtan Yoga practitioners and instructors across the North Americas, BHAVA MINI HARMONIUM would be the best option for beginners and pros alike.

This brand of harmoniums was started by an American engineer and musician Nic Dillon. He wanted to provide Western enthusiasts of Indian music and Kirtan Yoga with an instrument that is compact, affordable, reliable, and well-tuned.

When asked about the Harmoniums, Dillon said: “There’s just some kind of magic in an instrument that you take these pieces of wood and metal and push air through them, and it makes a sound that’s beautiful to our ears.” We couldn’t agree more.

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