• Playing the accordion by ear.

    Learning to Play the Accordion by Ear

    It’s no secret that some of the biggest music icons learned to play music by ear. The accordion, as a folk instrument, is not an exception! Developing one’s musical auditory skills and playing melodies on an accordion can seem daunting; however, there are topics explicitly meant for beginners so they, too, can achieve their dreams…

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  • Folk dances for the accordion

    Folk dances for the Accordion

    We’ve all seen various ballroom dances performed at weddings, birthdays and other festivities. Most of them are ethnic folk dances that are often played on an accordion. Dances like Kolo, Waltz, Polka, Zydeco and others are growing in popularity. Familiarizing ourselves with them can help us appreciate and enjoy them more.

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  • Accordions in America

    Accordions and accordion music in the United States

    Accordions arrived to the Americas in the early 18th century. As a musical instrument, the accordion became not only a folk souvenir brought by the settlers to the new world but also an All-American symbol of multiculturalism and musical melting pot. Why did piano accordions become so popular? What is an accordion industrial complex? Let’s…

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  • accordion straps

    Best shoulder straps for my Accordion?

    Accordion straps or belts are an integral part of this musical instrument. They are not only important for holding the instrument by accordionists but also for offering them ultimate comfort while playing their favourite accordions. There are numerous brands of accordion straps on the market, let’s put a few to the test and see how…

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  • Beginners accordions

    A Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing the Best Accordion

    So, you want to be an accordionist? Great choice! There are many articles and guides on best accordions for beginners out there. We try to go an extra mile in researching the latest trends and provide you with the best advices on what accordion to select if you are just starting to learn how to…

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  • piano accordion

    The Piano Accordion, Its history, and characteristics

    What constitutes The Piano accordion? You’ve probably guessed it right. Piano accordions are equipped with a right-hand keyboard, resembling the ones on a piano. This gives it its name. This type of accordion is prevalent in the US and UK.  Music historians believe that accordionist Guido Deiro pioneered and popularized the Piano accordion in 1910.…

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