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  • German Accordion Music

    German-made Accordions and their popularity

    When we think of Germany, first things that come to mind are German automobiles, soccer, beer and Oktoberfest. Unless you are a musician you won’t think of world famous accordion brands from Germany. In this article, we would like to share some fascinating facts about German accordions and why are they so popular and worth…

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  • Yiddish Klemzer Music

    The Accordion: A Traditional Musical Instrument in Klezmer music

    We all have heard of Yiddish language and Ashkenazi culture of Eastern Europe. A few of us might have heard beautiful Jewish tunes here in the US during Bar Mitzvahs and in Jewish Deli restaurants. These tunes have their roots in ancient Ashkenazi folklore traditions and they are played on accordions!

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  • Basque country accordion

    Trikitixa, The Diatonic Button Accordion of Basque Country

    Rich cultural heritage, dances, hospitality and its unique geographical location make Basque country a very popular touristy spot. Those who visit Basque region are always impressed by its folk music and small but mighty accordions, Trikitixas, that are becoming increasingly popular. Let’s learn more abut them in this article.

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  • Accordion Music of Poland

    Beautiful world of Polish Accordions: Their Melodies and Heritage

    Poland is known for a lot of things. Pope John Paul II, beautiful and historic architecture, rich folklore, and flora. Poland is also known for its accordionists, not only in folklore music but also in classical ensembles. It produced not only accordion virtuosos like Jaroslaw Bester, Wieslawa Dudkowiak, and many others but is also home…

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  • accordions and Hollywood celebrities

    Music Stars, Hollywood, and Accordions

    We know their names, their songs and their images. But, a very few of us know that some of the most famous singers and musicians actually learned their first songs and music notes on an accordion. Let’s mention a few honorable legends of Rock music and Hollywood who are accordionists or have played the instrument…

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  • street performers

    Street Accordionists and the One-man Band Instrument

    Accordions are often played by street musicians allover the world. Not only because they are compact and easy to carry and transport but also because they can replace and mimic quite a few musical instruments which truly makes them a “one man band.” In this article we talk a bit more about street performers and…

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  • Kirtan Yoga

    Harmonium sounds and Kirtan Yoga

    The harmonium’s role in Kirtan yoga is like a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. Its warm sound, combined with its ease of use, makes it an ideal instrument to accompany this ancient practice that has been passed down through generations. As devotees sing or chant mantras while playing the harmonium – harmony resonates…

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  • female accordionists and musicians

    Female Accordionists of the World and Their Legacy

    Often associated with male musicians, accordions are definitely unisex instruments that are also associated with femininity and gentleness. Some of the world’s greatest accordionists are women and in this article we will name just a few.

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  • Accordions in America

    Accordions and accordion music in the United States

    Accordions arrived to the Americas in the early 18th century. As a musical instrument, the accordion became not only a folk souvenir brought by the settlers to the new world but also an All-American symbol of multiculturalism and musical melting pot. Why did piano accordions become so popular? What is an accordion industrial complex? Let’s…

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  • accordion music of ukraine

    Accordion music of Ukraine and its universal message of Love

    Discover the captivating musical heritage of Ukraine, with its iconic instruments like the Bandura and Dulcimer. Prepare to be enchanted by the melodic harmonies of accordions and the rhythmic beats of various percussion instruments. Join us in celebrating Ukraine’s rich cultural tapestry, which has gained worldwide attention due to its ongoing struggle for independence.

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