Piano Accordions

  • Brazilian accordions

    Brazilian accordion music and its rich folkloric heritage

    When someone mentions Brazil, we automatically think of Christ the Redeemer statue, soccer, and names like Ronaldo, Pele, and Ronaldinho. If you are a music lover, you will instantly recall your favorite Samba or Bossa Nova tunes. Whether you are an accordionist or not, we want to introduce you to the wonderful world of Brazilian…

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  • Classical music on an accordion

    The Increasing Popularity of Accordions in Classical Music

    Contrary to popular belief, accordions are not musical instruments made for folk music only. More and more accordionists and composers of classical music are embracing this instrument and reviving its role in classical music genre.

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  • Chinese accordions

    A brief history of The Chinese Accordion Music

    Origins and popularity of accordions in China Chinese folk music instrument Sheng is closely related to an accordion in a sense that is purely a free reed-based just like the accordion. Some musical historians even believe that Sheng inspired the inventor of the modern accordion to produce accordion reeds. China is known for adopting musical…

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  • Button accordions

    Piano vs Button Accordion, which one is best for me?

    While Piano accordions are predominantly played in the US, UK and some EU countries, button accordions are prevalent in the rest of the world. Popularity of Chromatic Button Accordions is on the rise in the US. Most of us start our first music lessons with a piano accordion. Which one is easier to play? What…

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  • Italian accordion

    How Italian Accordions have evolved over the years

    Italy deserves much of the credit for taking an invention first patented by Germany and refining it to create a beloved instrument that has been used in music around the world. With their skillful craftsmanship and eye for detail, Italians were able to morph this new introduction into something special – becoming synonymous for piano…

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  • French accordion music

    French accordions and their romantic tunes

    Many musical historians say that an accordion is a quintessentially French folk musical instrument. Why is that so? Let’s find out some interesting facts about French accordion music.

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  • Balkan accordions

    Accordion Music of the Balkans

    The soothing tones of the accordion are unmistakably synonymous with Balkan music. Every republic that makes up the Balkan Peninsula has its unique style and origin story when it comes to playing folk tunes on an Accordion – making for a fascinating tapestry of regional sounds & rhythms. Read along as we explore some critical…

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  • piano accordion

    The Piano Accordion, Its history, and characteristics

    What constitutes The Piano accordion? You’ve probably guessed it right. Piano accordions are equipped with a right-hand keyboard, resembling the ones on a piano. This gives it its name. This type of accordion is prevalent in the US and UK.  Music historians believe that accordionist Guido Deiro pioneered and popularized the Piano accordion in 1910.…

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  • Anatomy of an accordion

    Anatomy of the Accordion and how is it built

    Accordions are complex and delicate musical instruments that are handmade to this day. They consist of nearly a thousand parts, and we will do our best to take them apart virtually and explain their details to the best of our ability.

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