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In this section, you will find all the info necessary to make the purchase of a new accordion or a free-reed instrument easier. Our well-researched guides will help you select the gear and parts you are looking for. If there is a particular item you are looking for and don’t see it in this section, please send us a message. We will be happy to assist you.

  • Accordions in India

    The Growing Popularity of The Accordion in India

    Although not as widely used as the harmonium in India, the accordion has been steadily increasing in popularity. As a versatile free-reed instrument, the accordion can produce sounds similar to the harmonium and is being embraced by a growing number of young musicians across a variety of genres.

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  • Top Ten accordion players in the world

    The Ten Best Accordion Players In History

    Explore the talents of the renowned accordion players of our time with this list of the top 10 modern accordionists. Delve into their legacies and achievements, which will captivate both accordion enthusiasts and music fans. Uncover these virtuosos to deepen your admiration for this instrument.

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  • Accordion as a gift

    Give the gift of music this year, an Accordion!

    Buying a musical instrument to give as a gift is tricky, but everyday people are gifting instruments that often prove to be the spark that ignites the start of a successful music career. While selecting an accordion can be particularly daunting, we can help you navigate through this process and make sure you find an…

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  • Metronomes for the accordionists and accordion practice

    Is Metronome helpful in accordion practice?

    Metronomes have become a valuable tool for novice musicians Despite the clear benefits that they offer, not all are convinced of their importance with some accordionists considering them unnecessary; let’s explore both sides of this debate in order to better understand whether or not these handy tools should form part of your practice routine!

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  • Benefits of toy accordions for children

    Exploring the Benefits of Toy Accordions for Children

    Toy accordions can give children a unique way to sharpen their musical sensibilities and skills. Through playing with them, kids are able to nurture the ability to recognize melodies instinctively and improvise as they go along – great for inspiring creativity!

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  • Musical instrument insurance policy

    The Benefits of Insuring Your Accordion: Protecting your Investment

    Musical instruments are costly these days. Investing in a new or even a refurbished accordion could mean a major expenditure. Ensuring that your accordion remains functional and protected often calls for purchasing an affordable insurance policy beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

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  • Chinese Sheng instrument

    The Melodic World of Sheng: A Chinese Free-Reed Folk Instrument

    Many music historians believe that the Chinese free-reed instrument, Sheng, is an ancestor to the modern-day accordion. Considering the working principles of this folk instrument, these claims could be valid. Both musical instruments are free-reed based and deeply rooted in folklore music. Let’s acquaint ourselves with the Sheng and its similarities with the modern accordion.

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  • German Accordion Music

    German-made Accordions and their popularity

    When we think of Germany, first things that come to mind are German automobiles, soccer, beer and Oktoberfest. Unless you are a musician you won’t think of world famous accordion brands from Germany. In this article, we would like to share some fascinating facts about German accordions and why are they so popular and worth…

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  • Yiddish Klemzer Music

    The Accordion: A Traditional Musical Instrument in Klezmer music

    We all have heard of Yiddish language and Ashkenazi culture of Eastern Europe. A few of us might have heard beautiful Jewish tunes here in the US during Bar Mitzvahs and in Jewish Deli restaurants. These tunes have their roots in ancient Ashkenazi folklore traditions and they are played on accordions!

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  • Basque country accordion

    Trikitixa, The Diatonic Button Accordion of Basque Country

    Rich cultural heritage, dances, hospitality and its unique geographical location make Basque country a very popular touristy spot. Those who visit Basque region are always impressed by its folk music and small but mighty accordions, Trikitixas, that are becoming increasingly popular. Let’s learn more abut them in this article.

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